carrots & dip

This is a little on the suzy homemaker side but I felt the need to share this with the world. Yes, it was a need. Don’t question it. 
You know those days (or lifetimes…) when you want to be healthy and you get out the carrots and celery and cucumbers and then as you reach for the dip your entire calorie intake goes up in flames and you get depressed because you really wanted that Ranch dressing? 
well, I have a fix for that slow death by raw un-dipped carrot. This is a dip that tastes EXACTLY like the make your own ranch with sour cream dip. I swear. You can NOT tell the difference. Three steps and you have a super low calorie, guilt free, yummy in the tummy dip to go with that lonely celery stick.
1) get a big tub of 0% greek plain yougurt (my favs are chobani and fage)
2) get THREE make it yourself ranch dressing packets
3) mix together
okay there is a fourth step
4) enjoy!

The ENTIRE container of the dip will be 800 calories, 1/4 of the container has 200. You do the math, the amount you’re actually going to eat is minuscule!