glories of the post office

did you know that you can send pretty much anything through the mail? 
Zach has his big (and last!) meet this week and I wanted to send him something that would just SCREAM good luck and you’re awesome! Soooo I found this sweet Avengers kick board at Target and just knew that he would love it, not necessarily use it, but love getting it in the mail. 
How did I send it? Like this…

(I shaded out the address just so you don’t sneak up on either of us)
Seriously all you have to do is treat it like a giant postcard and deal with a few weird stares at the post office but it goes through!
Things I have sent through the mail before:
1) a banana… not fun it turns up smushed
2) a flip flop… my mom used flip flops as a party invitation one year… adorable!
Good luck this week Zach you’ll do awesome!