infinity scarf

So I really found this infinity scarf I wanted to buy since my Texas butt is freezing in Minneapolis but alas I am a poor law student and I decided hey I could make this! Well, I actually ended up making three… I’m probably going to wear scarves everyday this week… 
I got a couple yards of fabric before Christmas break and I decided to use some of them. I had got a couple yards of interesting flannel prints that were on sale. for each scarf you need about 2 yards of the fabric.
1) Cut the fabric into one large rectangle 2yds L x the width of the fabric 
2) Turn them inside out and pin the edges together (hint: if you don’t cut two rectangles and just cut one large one you won’t have to sew two long edges… for you experiences sewers that isn’t anything to you but to us little baby beginners that a whole lotta space for me to screw up)

3) WRONG SIDES FACING OUT sew up two sides, one width and the only ‘non-sewn’ length. Leave the other width open or if you’re a pro at the invisible stitch sew up most of the second width but leave a small space to turn it out in a second
4) turn the scarf right side out and pin the sewn width into the other width as shown or if you sewed the width then close it up (the picture is showing the closed width going into open one… but you must connect the ends, I took this picture so you could see the process)

5) either use a interesting stitch to sew it closed (this part will be on your back so who really cares) or use an invisible stitch to stitch the two widths together
6) press

7) stay warm!

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