Life in: D.C.

I am starting a new section, once a month I am going to have a guest blogger post about their life in the different places they live! We are going to call it “Life in ____” creative I know, but I think this will be really interesting to not only see the different points of view from people of the same age across the world but to also prove to people I have friends outside of Poppy and Winston… hahaha. Well anyway, without further ado let me introduce (and give a HUGE thank you for going first) my good friend (and twin!) Amy! This is Life in D.C.

My name is Amy and I have the esteemed pleasure of knowing Ms. Katherine Nolden, law school rockstar, quidditch extraordinaire, and lover of furry friends, especially poppy and winston. I met Kather freshman year at A&M, we were in the same sorority and on the night that our “Big Sis” was revealed to us… we had the same one, thus making her my “twin”. At first I did not like the idea of having a twin, I did not want to share my new found big sis, but then once i realized how awesome Kather was… it was hard to resist :)
Currently, I live in Washington, DC and I am obsessed. This is such an amazing city and sometimes I still cant believe I live here. After I graduated from the greatest university in the country, Texas A&M, i wanted a change of scenery. I grew up in a small (ish) town outside of San Antonio, New Braunfels, and went to school in a small (ish) town, College Station so i thought id spice things up a bit. So i played what i like to call “pin the tail on the map” and it lead me to Washington, DC. I moved up here in August and interned for a few months and now I work on Capitol Hill for a Texas Congressman.
(my old roomie, Kooken, and i when it snowed… yes, it snows here… weird)

DC is unlike any other city, ever. First of all, NO ONE is actually from this city. Its true. Everyone just moves here, works for a while, and then moves elsewhere. So on any given day you will meet someone from Arizona or Florida or Wyoming. Now, Ive always been the type who loves being from Texas, but let me just say moving out of the state and made me 10x more in love with Texas. Seriously. EVERY chance I get, I name drop Texas and/or Texas A&M. In fact, one group of friends refer to me as Texas… and it makes my heart so happy.  
Another great thing about life in DC is that there is so much to do. Always. Its home to the most museums like ever. I’m not actually a huge museum fan but I like the thought of having the option to go if I so choose. And 95% of them are free. Free is my favorite word.  It also never gets old seeing all the monuments. I mean never. Seeing the Lincoln is breathtaking and the Washington Monument at night.. b-e-a-utiful. I walk to in/to/past the U.S. Capitol literally every single day and its always, ohh well this is cool.

(the washington monumount, at dusk. b-e-a-utiful)

A huge perk of working for the government, perhaps my favorite part, is all the holidays we get. If its on a calendar, you can bet your bottom dollar we get off for it. Presidents Day, SURE. Veterans Day, WHY NOT! It almost makes up for the fact that I get paid next to nothing. Hence, why free is my favorite word. Oh and as awesome as this city is… it is expensive. Like woa. Spending $8 for a rail cocktail and $7 for bud light is not my favorite thing in the world… but for some reason when Friday night rolls around… where am I? At the bar.

(my fav part of DC is that you never know what cool event or things might take place. example. we were walking alexandria, VA and there was a random scottish parade.. complete with cute old men and bag pipes. it. was. awesome.)
If I had to sum up DC in 5 words or less… Happy Hour. Brunch. Cupcakes. Not kidding. These people are obsessed with those 3 things. 5:01pm rolls around and bam people are at the bar. Sunday morning, everyone I mean everyone is a t Brunch.. somewhere, somehow, no matter where they woke up or what state they are in… Brunch is going to happen. And finally cupcakes, day or night, weekend or weekday, 45 minute line or walk right up.. cupcakes are always in style in this town.
Lastly, the night life. At first I was overwhelmed. I’m use to one area in town, and there are about 8-10 bars. So after a few weeks you have it figured out, where you like and don’t like, who has good drink specials, and most importantly, where the best music is played. Here… not so much. There are at least 10 areas to go out in DC and each area has a minimum of 15 bars which leads to information overload. Not to mention that you have to figure out HOW to get to these areas… the metro aka subway is fine most of the time, but not always, and sometimes the area is not metro accessible. Basically it takes months and months of lots of determination and hard work and effort weeding out the crappy bars until you find the great ones. Luckily, I am no stranger to dedication… and finally, after 6 months.. Ive found my favorites.

(kendall and I when she came to visit. we went to a DC Aggie Happy Hour)

Thanks Amy!