menu for the week

I was craving a little craft time last week between (or instead of) my Property and Constitutional law homework so I decided to make a legit weekly menu that I could reuse every week instead of sticking a piece of notebook paper on my fridge!
one frame from Target
piece of scrapbook paper
scrapbook letters
colorful paper
hot glue gun
Total Cost: $5.00 
I had a bunch of these things at home and all I needed to get was the frame and the magnets!
cut the scrapbook paper to match the inside of the frame, glue the bright colored paper (cut into strips) to look like a calendar, put the scrapbook letters in their proper place put the frame back on and glue a whole mess of magnets on the back, depending on how heavy your frame it, and get out your dry erase marker and plan out those meals for the week!

Most people don’t need to create spaces for anything but dinner but since I’m a student and practically eat at home for every meal I’d kinda like to know what I need to make or get ready the night before or what I need or don’t need to buy (oreos…) at the grocery store!
My fridge looks a little more colorful now which I really like!