Twilight and luggage

This weekend was the release of the Twilight: Breaking Dawn DVD Part1 and Brittany and I tried to go to Target to see the exclusive preview of Part 2 BUT they weren’t showing it until 11 and we didn’t want to stay until then (we got there at 8:30 because we were told it was going to start at 8… lies) so we went home. BUT I watched the movie last night and became more OBSESSED with Bella’s luggage that she takes on her honeymoon. (Which btw how awkward does she look during that entire time? I mean you go from La Perla lingerie to faux acid wash sweatpants? please.) So anyway back to being obsessed with her luggage. I spotted it when I saw it first in theaters and had to go to trusty Google to figure out where I could get it. Well turns out each piece if between $300 – $800. Each. Piece. So since the only way that would be happening is if I won the lottery or became a very affluent lawyer in which I could justify dropping over $1500 on a three piece luggage set this is my Perfect Travel Outfit. 
My Perfect Travel Day
Adorable right? Sleek, chic and amazing. This is a big I wish. 
Where would I go in this outfit?