Valentine’s Day prep

So I have some guy friends who every year ask “What do I do for Valentine’s Day?” They expect me to be the valentine’s day guru or something… well not to bake my own cookies but I am. So this is your Valentine’s Day prep course/boot camp/game plan to set you (men) up for the best v-day night of your significant’s other life. And let’s be serious, it’s really all about the women, and once you realize that, your outlook on this day will take an upswing! So let’s begin *rubs hands*
Stay at Home
1) create a “love nest” look at the picture of the tent above and imagine doing something like that in your house or apartment… hello romance
2) cook her dinner or if you can’t cook go pick up nice take out and put it on a plate, no plastic or paper cartons on v-day
3) rent a movie (or a couple) nothing says mood killer like Arnold’s terminator voice, huge explosions or a half naked woman on the screen. Stick to romantic movies, if you just can’t watch the notebook one more time or don;t want yourself compared to Ryan Gosling then pick a romantic comedy, you’ll at least get some chuckles out of it
4) send her out before to get a manicure or massage, this not only gives you time to prep but it can also double as her gift!
Sugar High
1) get all dressed up and take her to a bakery and get a pink or heart shaped cookie
2) go to a cupcake place and again get a pink or heart shaped cupcake
3) go to a nicer place for a sit down dessert 
Melting Pot- quite possible the best dessert place ever, dipping food in chocolate? yes, please
Cheesecake Factory- I’m not a fan of cheesecake but I hear it might be amazing
PF Changs- the chocolate cake is to die for
Other small places close to your house
4) make sure to tip your waiter/ess really good, they are serving you only dessert and it is one of the biggest serving nights, tip them big! 
5) make the reservation NOW!
Standard Date with a Twist
1) choose a small restaurant – no big chains
2) when you pick her up/leave the house give her one rose, when you sit down at the restaurant give her another one, when you get home/drop her off give her a dozen roses and/or a gift. If you live together/are returning to the same house after dinner start getting in the car (open her door!) and go “oh darn I forgot my wallet” or whatever and run back in the house and put the bouquet and gift somewhere she’ll see it when she walks in the door
3) you can’t ever go wrong with red wine or champagne… especially pink champagne
4) make the reservation NOW
Wallet Saver
1) go to dinner the Sunday or Monday before, restaurants jack up the prices the night of so if you want to save some $ then go early
2) add the stay at home date the night of because you cannot forget the actual day!!!
All day love fest:
1) Morning- make her pancakes with some red fruit (strawberries or raspberries) bonus points if the pancakes are heart shaped!
2) Throughout the day- send flowers to her at her job/home, send her or better yet bring her chocolate covered strawberries or a caramel apple yum!, you could also “pack” her a lunch or send her off with that heart apple
3) evening- choose a date from the list and if you have kids get a babysitter 
they’re cliched but that’s because it works. Don’t get unnaturally colored anything, stick with roses, red ones. Take the flowers out of the plastic, dethorn them if you can, and tie a red/pink/white/black ribbon around the bouquet.
Spa Gifts
you’ve got massages, manicures, pedicures or a gift certificate (this is the only time a gift certificate is appropriate) stay away from facials, that screams ‘your face needs work’
Travel mug filled with chocolates
iPhone/blackberry case
Puzzle piece key chains for you and her
Framed page this is the page but you need to get a frame
When wrapping the gifts keep it simple or you can put a gift in a gift and put the gift in a reusable market tote and finish with tissue paper
Things to stay away from:
carnations- this is like her giving you tickets to your favorite sporting even but it’s the wrong team, the seats are in the nosebleed section, the very back row, behind a huge person and the seat is sticky with soda, yeah you’re there but really
heart shaped necklaces- unless you plan on getting an award as the cheesiest man on the planet stay away
stuffed animals- unless you’re in elementary school it kind of screams creepy
lingerie- unless it’s done tastefully it comes off as nasty… just stay away
anything bought in the valentine’s section at walmart- do not touch
Hope your Valentine’s day is amazing!
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