weekend with mom

My mom came in this past weekend and I was so happy all weekend! My Aunt Linda came in town Friday night and we went to a sushi place which was an experience for Linda! I loved every minute of the weekend! I loved my mom playing with Winston & Poppy even though she’s allergic, I loved mom going to an Italian Restaurant and eating pasta even though she never eats pasta, I loved mom taking Winston out in the morning so I could sleep, I loved mom ironing my clothes even though she hates it, and I loved my mom flying up here to just see me!
Mom and baby Winston meeting for the first time! They were inseparable the entire weekend!

This awesome fabric chandelier in the Southdale Galleria… I’m making this someday

Winston took time out from kissing Grandma Jane to give Mommy Katherine a kiss

The alligator Grandma Jane bought for Winston… he hasn’t let it go since she left!
Thanks for a wonderful weekend mom! I miss you already!