april workout planning

So I got some good response to the March Workout Planning I did, I won’t lie I didn’t get to every workout I had planned and I might have switched some for others but having that on my fridge everyday reminded me to get to the gym! So I decided to plan one for April!

You might not recognize some of the names of the classes on here but that’s okay! Here is a blank one for you to plan your April workouts! Don’t forget to plan your rest days! Also look at your calendar and plan around your big events: I had my Easter weekend, Muster, and the beginning of my finals! (yay!!! goodbye to 1L year!) I also planned for workout classes early in the morning during my reading days to get me out of bed so I can study after!

Happy Workouts! Kick some butt!

I got this idea for planning workouts from this pretty sweet (southern!) blog I found: southerncurlsandpearls.blogspot.com! Check it out! I love to visit and get some southern sunshine in my life because I miss the south!

Crim law vs Torts

In honor of my Crim Law midterm today let’s compare Crim Law and Torts shall we? Now that you know the basics of the first year law school classes let me give you a little more insight on these two…
                                                      Crim Law:                              Torts:
                                                      Older Brother                         Younger Brother
                                                      Ice cream                               Toppings
                                                      The Hunger Games                 Fight Club
                                                      Nukes                                    Cap Guns
                                                      $$$$$                                    $
                                                      Casey Anthony                       Charlie Sheen
                                                      Lifejacket                               Floaties
                                                      PF Changs                             Pei Wei
                                                      Excursion                               Explorer
Got any more comparisons?

I like Crim Law but I guess Winston has a different opinion…

guess I wont be getting any money back for that one…

so excited for RHONJ

The new preview for the Real Housewives of New Jersey came out this week and I almost flipped my own table in excitement! I am obsessed with this show and I don’t know why… hmmmm maybe I should look into that… oh well.

This was my reaction when it came on the tv:

what I almost did:
Here is the preview just in case you haven’t seen it yet (shame shame):

This is one of the housewives’ kids and she is hilarious! Watch and see!

“Give me pizza you old troll” hahahaha where does she come up with this?

more art!

Like the blank wall that was staring at me last week I had another wall staring at me in my kitchen! There was art on it BUT it was a Christmas decoration! I couldn’t bring myself to take it down until I had something to put in it’s place! So when I was in Rochester two weeks ago I bought a pretty good sized canvas and decided to paint something to lift my spirits every time I walk in the apartment! 

I had to start with my favorite color and a quote from a favorite author!
I got this idea from Pinterest and I am so happy with the result!
I love it! And it makes me smile when I come home! How do you think it turned out? 

book wreath

I had a blank wall staring at me over Spring Break last week… seriously it was staring at me… so enough was enough, I decided to spice it up and since there is a bookshelf underneath it and I can’t get enough of books I decided to make a book wreath! 
Want to make one too? 
Can you guess what book I used?
HP3 duh
Here is what you need:
a book
scissors (I used the ones that have the decorative edges)
wreath form
straight pins
take all the pages out of the book
cut into different size circles
grab a couple circles, fan them and ‘crimp’ them into a “flower”
stick a pin through them
stick the pin into the wreath
I cut a little bit of ribbon, made a loop and stuck it into the back of the wreath form and hung the wreath from that!
Does it need something else?
I used the same process to make my new door wreath from cupcake liners! yes please!

if you want to make it out of cupcake liners take two and turn one inside out so there isn’t any white showing! you can also wrap the wreath form in tissue paper or ribbon so there isn’t any of the form showing!
Have a wonderful day!