april workout planning

So I got some good response to the March Workout Planning I did, I won’t lie I didn’t get to every workout I had planned and I might have switched some for others but having that on my fridge everyday reminded me to get to the gym! So I decided to plan one for April!

You might not recognize some of the names of the classes on here but that’s okay! Here is a blank one for you to plan your April workouts! Don’t forget to plan your rest days! Also look at your calendar and plan around your big events: I had my Easter weekend, Muster, and the beginning of my finals! (yay!!! goodbye to 1L year!) I also planned for workout classes early in the morning during my reading days to get me out of bed so I can study after!

Happy Workouts! Kick some butt!

I got this idea for planning workouts from this pretty sweet (southern!) blog I found: southerncurlsandpearls.blogspot.com! Check it out! I love to visit and get some southern sunshine in my life because I miss the south!