book wreath

I had a blank wall staring at me over Spring Break last week… seriously it was staring at me… so enough was enough, I decided to spice it up and since there is a bookshelf underneath it and I can’t get enough of books I decided to make a book wreath! 
Want to make one too? 
Can you guess what book I used?
HP3 duh
Here is what you need:
a book
scissors (I used the ones that have the decorative edges)
wreath form
straight pins
take all the pages out of the book
cut into different size circles
grab a couple circles, fan them and ‘crimp’ them into a “flower”
stick a pin through them
stick the pin into the wreath
I cut a little bit of ribbon, made a loop and stuck it into the back of the wreath form and hung the wreath from that!
Does it need something else?
I used the same process to make my new door wreath from cupcake liners! yes please!

if you want to make it out of cupcake liners take two and turn one inside out so there isn’t any white showing! you can also wrap the wreath form in tissue paper or ribbon so there isn’t any of the form showing!
Have a wonderful day!