the elongator

another person you’ll meet in law school is the elongator. Every person who has ever been in school knows someone like this, if you havent been in law school you’ve probably come in contact with a mini me of this person because in law school, you know us, we go big or we go home (in debt). 
The elongator is that one person who asks a non yes/no question, a leading question, a ridiculous questions or a super long question right before class is about to get out. If class gets out at 11:45 their hand goes up at 11:44 and they make sure they get called on. Everyone is making some motions to pack up, some people have been tuned out for 10 minutes as they decide where to go for lunch or how they want to go home an take a nap but thanks to the elongator they get to stay a full five to ten minutes later. 
The elongator doesn’t just mess with his classmates he messes up the people waiting to get into the classroom because it has not been vacated yet! That’s when it gets awkward because random people will walk into the classroom where all but 3 people are checked out of the discussion and they do the whole power-walk-in-back-slowly-out-with-confused-faced thing. 
Sometimes the elongator asks questions that are pretty important or interesting and people would actually like to get the answer to the question but they’ve already put their stuff away. Rude. 
If you are reading this and you recognize yourself as an elongator here are three things you must remember to do:
1) take a deep breath
2) keep your hand down
3) ask the question at the BEGINNING of the NEXT class
  • Rachel Richardson

    Grad school has these people too. And it’s always in my late (8-10:30 pm) class that this happens…wah wahhhh