the hunger games

I’m starting a new thread that is basically book reviews. I used to read all the time, every day, at somewhat inappropriate times like during dinner and since Law School has started I miss it. I miss losing myself in a new story and new characters and I miss that feeling you get when you finish a book that makes you want to read it all over again. I am a super fast reader and am the kind of person who will sit up until 4AM fin So to make myself make the time to read I want to start this column so I know I have something to do to get me to finish those books currently lying on my shelves just waiting!
So my first review is the incredibly popular, wildly famous Hunger Games Trilogy. 
I read all three straight through (I told you I was a fast reader) and I had mixed feelings about them… I usually don’t like books or movies that make you sad or depressed, that’s really not why I read books. there have been a few where I am so sad at the end but it was such a good book that I forgive the author for the emotional craziness they put me through. 
So without further ado lets dive right in to The Hunger Games Trilogy:
The Hunger Games
The first book in the series was probably my favorite. I loved the whole premise of the story and the detail that went into Katniss and Peeta. The images I conjured up in my head from the descriptions in the book of the tribute outfits, the life at the Capitol and the arena was amazing. I did not want to put down this book. I could see why this would have been a “reality show” in the Capitol era. Not that I want that… I mean people getting killed for sport, no thanks. This book was my favorite, I loved the sense of drama, the disappointment and anger you felt during the games and then the mixed bag of emotions at the finale. 
Catching Fire
The second book in the series was also fantastic. This round of the Hunger Games was pretty amazing, very inventive and at times a tad creepy. I loved that at the beginning you learned more of the back story of the Capitol and the Districts. This story however is when I start to get anoyed with Katniss (just like I got annoyed with Bella in Twilight… arggg) Peeta or Gale oh geez stop being an idiot and choose! Well she really doesn’t and that goes on forever. The end is kind of a one two punch. I feel like the end of the second book is when the ‘real’ story begins but it is also when I started to get really upset. 

The third and last book in the series is a crazy catch all of rebellion, love, questions, betrayal and Katniss freaking out every 10 pages. Don’t get me wrong I liked the book but throughout the whole book I alternated from being sad to being fed up with her. I’m one of those people who has to do something rather than nothing for the people I love (maybe I’m more of  Peeta than Katniss) and the way Katniss was just going through the motions was a tad aggravating. But the end of the book makes up for that. I think the word “real” is going to take on the same connotation as the word “always” does for Harry Potter fans. 
I am looking forward to the movie! From what I’ve seen it looks like it is going to be pretty cool! Plus, every time there is a movie made that was based on a book I’m happy because it makes people go read the book. Anything that makes people read is okay in my book.