it’s Monday

after a wonderful spring break in Austin it was so painful to come back and do homework and get up this morning and go back to school but I just keep remembering something I learned at Officer Camp my junior year in high school. 
First of all let me preface this story by saying that Officer Camp was the toughest thing I had gone through up to that point in my life. I’m a big sleeper and at O Camp you don’t sleep, ever. All you do is dance, dance, stretch, and dance some more. So by the second day everyone is stressed, tired, cranky, and sore. But they gave us these “talks” with the whole camp where all anyone really wanted to do was fall asleep and let’s face it all the dancers were zoning out but I clearly remember one thing the speaker said. She was talking about how when you go through something difficult or not so fun you always have to remember that you are blessed to be in that position.

For example:

If it’s raining and you’re late to work: you’re blessed to have a job and you’re blessed that it’s raining, some people don’t have jobs and some places need rain.
If you’re super tired from running errands for your family all day: you’re blessed to have your family with you, some people don’t have their family.
If you’re sick and have a list of things that won’t get done: you’re blessed to be able to stay home in bed, blessed to go to the doctor, blessed to have another day to get the things done, some people don’t have a bed, don’t have access to a doctor and don’t have time to rest.
So I am blessed to be able to have spent time with my wonderful mother and family in Austin and I am blessed to be in law school
I hope when everyone is going through something they can stop and think about they are blessed