trip to Texas

my trip to Texas was a mix of emotional highs and lows but I needed to spend some time with my mom and really talk to her about things happening in my life and how she went through something very similar in her past. She is a wonderful woman and I am so blessed to have her in my life.
So incredibly blessed.
We went to see The Hunger Games… nothing like a little killing and depression to lift me out of my own depression right? Anyway I’m Team Peeta and mom is Team Gale… problems….

I got to see my little brother and sister!
 I also got to see little J play a volleyball game and she won! She might have served out the second game of the match and I might have been cheering a little loud… might… just might… 

Then we went out to listen to the band at Cedar Street downtown Austin on Friday because I needed to keep my mind off of things…
and dancing helped, it always helps.
Airplane comfort:

Texas was amazing and I was so sad to leave and I can’t wait for my mom to come up here and see Poppy, Winston and I in a couple weeks!

  • Anonymous

    Love you Katie. You r one amazing lady