18th century Cosmo

I entered a 18th Century Cosmo Contest on Lauren Willig’s Blog! My entry is entitled:

10 Ways to Fill Your Dance Card:

1) Don’t sit in the corner! A gentleman won’t notice you if you’re behind a potted plant or the punch bowl!

2) Make sure your outfit stands out! Styles and fashions should always be followed but think of one thing you can do to bring your outfit from Hello to May I have this dance? Perhaps you can put diamonds on your head piece? Lace on the top of your bodice, it’s less gaudy and inappropriate than a brooch and doesn’t call for the rakes to eye your decllotage.
3) Make your fan sparkle. Nothing catches a gentleman’s eye more than diamonds reflecting in the candlelight!
4) Take a second glance at the gentlemen. Gossip has shown that gentleman think one glance could be a mistake or a cursory glance across the room but a second glance? That is a invitation to be asked to dance.
5) Don’t stand in large groups. Nothing frightens potential partners (and suitors!) off more than a group of giggly girls who all want a partner. Stand with one or two friends at most and try not to giggle (too much)!
6) Have your chaperone stand away from you but in eyesight. Gentlemen won’t want to ask you to dance if your chaperone is right next to you because they are afraid they will be ensnared into a marriage plot the minute they greet your mother. However, you don’t want to the gentleman to think you’re the one to be led outside in the gardens…
7) Ask your chaperone to ask the hostess to introduce you to new gentleman. The hostess will know everyone at her party and she will be able to introduce you to a wide variety of appropriate gentlemen.
8. Don’t hold your lemonade glass in front of you. It seems like you are blocking yourself off from potential partners, Hold it with one hand or place it on a table.
9) Do not be afraid to ask your male family members for help! They know you want your card slots filled and they have friends! They will also be able to introduce you to new acquaintances and steer you away from those less desirable ones…
10) Even though one of the first lessons you learned from your governess “Be nice to everyone” is true be sure to not be too sweet. You are an intelligent woman and if a gentlemen only wants a vapid dense women then you should consider yourself lucky to have passed him by (even if he is a Duke!)
Try these tips out at the next ball and watch your dance card fill right up!

I would appreciate it if you went and visited her site and voted for my entry (#8)! You get to vote for your top three so I’m not taking all of your vote! There are some really creative ones! Make sure to look at the watercolor “centerfold”!