the arm

The People you Meet in Law School: “the arm”

whooosh! approximately .04 seconds after the professor starts a sentence with a questions word “the arm” has their arm in the air. Now the arm is different than a gunner because while the gunner knows the answer the arm just likes to hear their own voice or just likes to rack up their non existent participation grade. Seriously, participation grades were left in high school…

I’m pretty sure if the arm broke their arms they would use another appendage to blast through the speed of light to raise it. WHAM! “what was that crack of lightening?” “oh that was my leg professor, I want to answer the question”

The arm cannot always tell if the answer is one the professor really wants an answer to or if it’s rhetorical… so you can always pinpoint the arm as the one who raises their hand at times where the professor says something like “you know what I mean?”

Oh arm… you should never go into an auction because you’d be broke within 10 minutes…

  • Kendall Elizabeth

    LOL my roommate (who is planning on law school next term) and I had a legally blonde marathon last night. I can definitely see “The Arm” being a key character.