the mumbler

People you Meet in Law School

The Mumbler

Neville is only the picture of the mumbler because before he hit puberty he fit the bill… however after puberty his picture would be categorized as OMG HOT

It doesn’t matter how many times the professor asks the mumbler to speak up or yell or ‘fill the room with their intelligence’ you can never understand them. It always sounds like “Well I befrve bath ze ser cbe bault” ….. ummm WHAT?!

Don’t worry though, you never miss anything because the professor can never understand them either so they either say something to the effect of “Ohhhhkay” and then tell you the correct answer themselves or they call on someone else to answer. So when the mumbler’s hand goes up everyone gets a warning to scan through the book to find the answer just in case they get called on to un-mumble the answer.

The mumbler has no plans to go into litigation, they are going to be a contract drafter or another lawyer that spends little to no time in front of a judge.

Don’t be fooled however with those that mumble on purpose because they never read or they never know the answer and I wouldn’t recommend trying because remember… you can’t mumble on a written exam.