summer job!

Guess who has a summer job? ME! And not just any summer job but a LEGAL JOB. In case you couldn’t tell from my extreme capitalization that is s BIG DEAL around these law school 1L parts. I’m clerking for a Judge in Hennepin County! Excuse me while I jump up and down! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

where I will be working this summer
For a taste of what I get to experience this summer please check out this article written by the Hon. Jay Quam, the very Judge I am clerking for! One of my favorite parts has to be the quote “what do you say when someone says “chariots of fire, judge!”!” When I find out the answer to that questions I will clue you in! 
Needless to say this gave me a huge boost during this particularly hellish period of studying! Now back to my Starbucks (also known as the live blood of law students) and Property… and the Rule Against Perpetuities… where we must take into account things such as an unborn widow, a fertile octogenarian and other such “possibilities” see why I needed some good news?