why the Brits have it right: facinators

If you know me then you know I am a tad obsessed with British History. If I could live in Tudor times I would, well but with 21st century healthcare, anti-flea meds, and my private stash of tv, movies and books (don’t bring up electricity). Anyway, there are some things the Brits have right. I’m not saying I would have been a Loyalist or anything but I would have at least been one of those Patriots crushing hard on a British man in uniform… One of the things the Brits have right is facinators. Please don’t think my like for beautiful headgear began with the royal wedding… I’ve had some facinators in my closet (not figuratively) years prior to that. Here are some of the ones I just can’t get enough of!

the green and the curled feathers make me envious
love. love. love.

this might be in worst dressed territory but for a fall wedding outside… perfect
love how this is perched just so

for winter? yes please
alright this might be a hat but I love it… I would wear this around the house

black/white/pale pink? Sounds like a perfect combo to me
I love this one for 3 reasons: 1) its works with her pony tail 2) it was custom made 3) it’s so natural

If I could wear them everyday and not get weird looks I would. I wish facinators could make it big over here across the pond. Want to see mine?

I wore this one for Christmas…
Wore this to an Aggie Football game
Love this Zeta teal one
So if you are reading this your homework is to go out and get a facinator and wear it… I don’t care where just do it! Maybe it will catch one… or perhaps that is just my wishful thinking