Sorry for the hiatus from this lovely little space but there was this little thing called finals and I’ve been getting used to the 9-5 (which I haven’t really done since high school)! Anyway let me give you a little update on what has been happening in the lovely little life of Katherine (and Poppy & Winston)!

We spent Memorial Day with my Dad at his cabin in North Minnesota! Winston got his party on at Doggie Daycare before our 5 hour drive up north…

It was cold and rainy the entire weekend, no tv, and no internet so while I amused myself with spider solitaire and tv show reruns on my ipad Winston got to run around outside in the rain and the lake and Poppy chased all the birds in front of the windows!

Winston got a little scared during the thunderstorms so he snuggled with Mommy and his stuffed bird.

Winston loved spending time with my Dad and my Grandpa. Grandpa has wrinkles just like him!

We went to a Pancake Breakfast at the Firehouse on Sunday morning where when we walked in got all these funny looks because no one knew who we were! Seriously, there is less than 400 people in this tiny little town and then these two random people walk in!

We also played some Bingo at the local lodge, it’s on the Indian reservation so it was pretty legit Bingo!

My grandmother had a knee replacement so we brought Winston in to cheer her up! I think he cheered up the other patients in the wing too!

Then on our way out of town I stopped by my other grandparents’ house and took them out for lunch!

Then Poppy, Winston and I settled in for a long ride home…