things I’ve seen in court so far…

This week has been an experience to say the least… there have been some memorable experiences that have gone on this week… Here are the top 5:

1. Word of God
          One Respondent started speaking the word of God when she was testifying, and by word of God I do not mean the Gospel I mean she literally started speaking as if she was God. What was this profound thing she felt God needed to get across? Something about a guy named Conrad, there was no one named Conrad in the courtroom…

2. Pencil
        We (the Judge, his full time law clerk, the court reporter and I) had (well I would say ‘got’) to go to the Medical Center to hold a hearing in front of a patient there who could not come to the courthouse because he was in the ICU. Why? Because he shoved a pencil in his EYE.

3. Orders
        I wrote some orders this week. I committed a respondent to six months of hospitalization, another respondent I REcommitted and another one was an order to enforce them to take medication.

4. Get a Lawyer
         One of the Respondents, on the probate side, did not hire a lawyer and therefore represented himself. He then proceeded to remind the Court multiple times that he was not lawyer and not educated in the law. Oh he also reminded us that he was an “adored nephew” by his aunt and that was why she ‘gave’ him $15,000… oh by the by she was in a coma at the time… Word to the Wise: just get a lawyer, it makes everyone less agitated with you.

5. Telephone
         The lawyer for Plaintiff in the “get a lawyer” case didn’t show up for the hearing. He sent out a notice of appearance to the Respondent and the Court the day before for an 9AM hearing and then didn’t show. The court called him to reprimand him and then we proceeded to have the hearing with him presenting via phone. Judge turned to me after and goes “Lesson 1 Katherine, don’t waste a Judge’s time” Heard and remembered Judge!

 My “office” aka the Jury Room

My sweet badge! 

Can’t wait to tell yall more exciting things! Hope summer is off to a fantastic start! Leaving to go to Houston today for my friend Megan’s wedding! Texas is calling!