birthday gifts…

I had this conversation with my sister the other day about her birthday coming up. I asked her what she wanted and this was our convo:

I love books. I mean I love-them-with-all-my-heart-would-spend-all-day-reading-books love them. So for my little sister and little brother’s birthday/Christmas presents I usually give them something cool and then a book. For example, this past Christmas Jordan got some make up and a Bobbi Brown Makeup book, which even that was a stretch for me since I don’t really consider that a book.

She’s only in 6th grade so I won’t be too mean and get her a book on grammar (there/they’re) but I guess I’ve been expressly made aware of the fact that a gift card is what she would like… hmmm gift card to a bookstore…. no I’m not THAT mean….