DBC: monthly update

I will say even though I enjoy reading and I read relatively fast I was a little daunted when I told myself that I would need to read 2 books a week! Well like the overachiever I am not only did I read all the books I set out to read each week (except I haven’t finished one this week) but I also read 3 MORE!

So let me give you some quick thoughts on the books I read so hopefully some of you will grab one and start reading!

Born to Rule: this was a major historical date/event fest, if you do not like nonfiction or history then don’t pick this one up. I will say I learned quite a bit about some of the major Royal players in the WWII era. I also think I need to read up on some more of the five granddaughters of Queen Victoria!

Sorry I’m Not Sorry: I read this in about and hour… while working out on the elliptical… while keeping my eye on the news… but I loved it. If you are offended easily then this isn’t for you but if you can see the ridiculous in this book then it is for you. I will say I was kind of put off when it ended so abruptly but then I found out the author is coming out with a sequel…

American Heiress: LOVED THIS BOOK! If you are pinning for Downton Abbey then this book is for you! I loved how it ended, it wrapped up fantastically and it was incredibly well written. Read it.

Sisterhood Everlasting: Like I said when I told yall I would be reading this I greatly dislike books that make me cry/depressed. Well I think the tears started falling around the second chapter and then DID NOT STOP. It was incredibly sad story that ends remarkably well. Putting this book down I was both happy and sad and my outlook on life was changed. It was one of those books that will stay with you, especially if you read the first three books in the series.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: this story was incredibly inspiring. I will say I might have glazed over when he was going on and on about electrical currents and how exactly they work (I’m a liberal arts major) but the entirety of the story is so uplifting. It shows us (who don’t give a second thought when flipping that switch on the wall) how such a simple thing as electricity can be so important and how one person can make a difference.

One Thousand White Women: the only one I haven’t finished but so far it is incredibly interesting! This part of history I’m not too familiar with (since it doesn’t involve a Tudor or England or the American Revolution) but I am learning a ton!

Ana’s Story: again this was a very fast read (as in I finished it before my plane ride to Vegas was halfway over) but it was an eye opener. It was a beautiful book and one that I think every middle schooler should have to read. It contains a great amount of information in the back about how you can help children affected with AIDS and who go through abuse. It makes you want to give up your job and work for UNICEF.

Great and Terrible Beauty: I had read this book before but reading it again I found so many things that I hadn’t found before. It is a great fantasy book. Not fantasy as in the way of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Twilight but think more ancient magic fantasy. Very creative and a great read.

Now to the books that weren’t on my list for this month but still got read anyway:

Rebel Angels: this is the second in the Great and Terrible Beauty Trilogy and it is just as great at the first book! Also just like G&TB it is so creative, the entire series is!

Sweet Far Thing: the third book in the G&TB trilogy! A little longer than the first two books but it was a wonderfully written book. I did cry at the end and I wasn’t exactly happy with the ending but not everything can be tied neatly in a bow and given a kiss right? But I would recommend the entire series!

She Walks in Beauty: this is a Historical Fiction romance novel that I bought on sale in the local Christian bookstore, just by that you know the ‘romance’ part is extra lite. This was a great book and I think I was meant to read it at this point in my life. It follows this young girl in NYC during the gilded age as she makes her debut and the pull between what her family wants her to do and what she wants to do/what her heart is feeling. I will probably read this again sometime, it’s a feel good book.

Total Tally: 11/24 (almost halfway and it’s only the first month! My 24 list is going to be checked off!)