DBC: reading for the week

After this week I will only have 16 books to go! (8 down!)

1) One Thousand White Women, after a lovely reader, Allie, suggested this I read the synopsis which sounds right up my ally! (no pun intended)

2) Ana’s Story, this book was written by Jenna Hager nee Bush after she worked as an Intern in Latin America for UNICEF. I took a elective political science class my senior year about HIV/AIDS in Africa and I thought this story would be a good read. I should ask my pols teacher if she has read it and what her thoughts on it are! Proceeds from the book go towards UNICEF so I feel no shame in telling people to buy this book!

My goal is to get these done by Friday so I can post quick thoughts on each of the eight books so hopefully some people will decide to crack them open!