DBC: reading

Alright I am trucking along with my reading for the month! *Wipes forehead* so this week I wanted some fun/less strenuous reading so I will diving into….

1) Sorry I’m Not Sorry, the author of which is the person behind the twitter feed @SororityProblem which is hilarious. So while this might not be considered a ‘great’ work of literature I still want to read it.

2) Great and Terrible Beauty, this book which I actually have read a couple years ago is the first in a triliogy and it is actually going to be made into a  movie in a couple years. I don’t really remember it but I remember really liking it and I am going to want to finish the series and since this is a “young adult” book it will probably go pretty fast for me.

Have fun reading this week! Any suggestions for the September book club?