Flying High

So I am off to Vegas (!!!) tomorrow to celebrate my “non-blood grandma”/best friend/second mom/you get the picture’s 70th Birthday and her and her husband’s 50th wedding anniversary! Some of you might be asking why Vegas? Why not a sedate luncheon with sweet tea? Well because Vegas is quintessential Joanie and John. They love to gamble and Joanie (she might not like me saying this) loves to party!

This is one of my absolute favorite photos of Joanie:

This is a photo of me… don’t we look the same!?!?!

This is both John and Joanie (and me from my birthday about 5 years ago):

So I am finishing packing for Vegas and I wanted to share what’s in my carry on bag. Most people either pack too much or too little and are either lugging around dead weight they do not need or are twiddling their thumbs annoying their neighbors. After taking stock of what I actually do on a plane ride I have slimmed my carry on bag down! No I am not going to play cards with the person across the aisle, no I am not going to actually do homework, and no I am not going to need 50 snacks.


1) My longchamp bag from my time in Paris, easy to clean and easy to pack in your suitcase if you do some shopping and need to carry something bigger back

2) My ray bans because it will be sunny when I step off that plane

3) Gum! Helps the ears to pop and lets people actually be around you if you fall asleep and get some nasty breath

4) Headphones to use with…

5) My ipad. Watching movies, tv shows, play a game, read books etc

6) Sharpie pens, my new favorite pens to use! Plus I always keep lists and I like to write them down rather than keep then on my phone. I guess I’m an old soul

7) My green Moleskine notebook to keep all my lists and ideas in

8) Black swim suit because things could happen where your luggage gets lost and you need to kill some time at the pool… or you just want to go straight there

9) My panama hat to keep the sun off my face so I don’t get sunburned while wearing my black suit and ray bans at the pool… margarita please!

10) Nalgene water bottle to fill up after I get through security… and then to keep me hydrated at the pool (because the sun and margaritas takes a toll…)

Hope everyone is having a good summer so far! Wish me luck in Vegas!