happy dad’s day

my dad never wants anything for father’s day! The conversation usually goes like this:

me: “dad what would you like for father’s day?”
dad: “nothing”
me: “dad come on, give me a hint! anything you need or want? something you wouldn’t buy yourself?”
dad: “a card.”

wow thanks Dad….

So this year I decided to stop searching frantically through the store and amazon and etsy and just go from the heart (and michael’s…). I found a frame at Michael’s when I was getting some rit dye for my monogram shirts and *lightbulb* went off!

My brother and sister are in Texas so getting us together for some pictures was out of the question so I crafted up some signs and sent them down to Austin and had my step-mom snap some pictures of them and email them to me.

Awesome daughter award!

Love you dad

I hope all the daddys out there have a wonderful day!