Megan’s Wedding

Two weeks ago I took a trip down to Houston to see my friend Megan get married! I wanted to wait until I could steal the pictures from her photographer before I posted on this and they are finally up!

I stayed with my old roommates Rachel & Brittani, (and their fam) at their home in Houston. Brittani and her little sister Courtney picked me up at the airport and on our way back to their house we promptly got lost and it took us over an hour and a half to get back!

At the wedding Megan looked so beautiful! I cannot believe she is married and already back from her honeymoon (to Italy!) I know Megan (and her sister Lauren and Rachel) from working with her at a dance studio in College Station and boy does that mean two things you should know about the wedding:

1) it was an Aggie wedding to the core! The groom’s cake was Northgate, the koozies said Thanks and Gig ‘Em and we sang the War Hymn!

2) there was dancing… and lots of it!

Megan and Lauren (her maid of honor) looked so beautiful!!
My partner for the night?

the professional photos are from: more than an image