One of the things that southern girls love is a monogram, on anything and everything. I really wanted a easy way to get my monogram fix without the price. I wanted some simple colored shirts with my monogram so I could toss them on this summer. So I turned my brain on and came up with an easy way to get my monogram on.

I bought some hanes men’s undershirts at Target (they come in a pack of 5) and got together some RIT dye and I bought a new plastic bucket since Winston has chewed mine up. The last thing needed to get the monogram…. iron-on letters (in cursive duh).

So I dyed each shirt in the colors I wanted for the summer, washed them according to the directions on the back of the package and when they were dry I placed the letters I wanted and ironed them on.

Easy. Peasy. Monogram.

Now I have four new shirts with my monogram that are perfect for summer. (I made one for a friend who is a counselor at camp so that’s why there are only four for Katherine, I’m not THAT bad at math)

Who’s making a run to Hobby Lobby & Target tonight?