mud, dirt and sand

Winston was in HEAVEN today! We went with my friend Charlye and her pup Crosby to the Minnehaha dog park this morning. The dog park is a four ACRE wooded area along the river that is completely off leash.

Winston finally got the courage to go all the way in the water. I think it helped to have a bunch of other puppies egging him on (puppy pressure) and then he was wrestling with one dog in the water and somehow the other dog flipped Winston and he was DUNKED. I started to freak and then the little man pops right back up and does this little jump and then puts his face under water! I think we might have to make a couple more trips to the park so Winston can get back in the water! But now I want to take him out on the lake… hmmmmm I wonder if any of my uncles would let him on their boat…

puppy butt

Winston was the hit of the park! He met so many new friends and people and he might have given 10 kids puppy kisses. Ever the charmer…

Winston was incredibly muddy and dirty and sandy on the way back, and as soon as we walked in the door I plopped him in the tub and scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed. Then he promptly walked into his kennel and passed out. Snores in 2 minutes.

Looks like its good to be a bulldog