new ride

I got a new bike this week! Let me tell you the three best things about it:

1) its GREEN
2) its a Schwinn
3) it has (will have) a basket on the back that I might or might not put Winston in…. (and by might I mean definitely will)

I biked to work this week and I am LOVING it! I will say there are some pretty ‘granola’ people riding their bikes to work so I don’t know if I really fit in with my court wear but then I see the commuters like me with their pant leg rolled up (which since I have a chain guard I don’t have to do, yay!) and the big ole computer bag on their back and I breathe a little sigh of relief.

I’m just waiting for the day I bike to work and the sky opens up and just pours on me… oh well I guess I will just take that as God really wanted me to have another shower!

But I am on my way to checking off things on my Birthday list! 1 down 23 to go!

  • The Sweet Potato Queen

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  • The Sweet Potato Queen

    HILARIOUS. Just don’t wipe out!