Real Ladies of Law School

So if you know me then you know that Real Housewives of New Jersey is one of my unguilty pleasures, unguilty because I feel no guilt watching it! So I was thinking wow in Law School (especially since we all just got our grades back, are getting ready for OCI and are competing for the same jobs) there is a ton of drama, just like in Jersey! Well there might be more hair-sprayed-until-your-head-could-go-up-in-flames-curls in jersey than in law school but the amount of drama is pretty similar.

Imagine it: Bravo gets a group of 1L, 2L and 3Ls and watch how they go crazy in law school! (it happens! I think psychologists make a killing of law students and lawyers) There would crying, sleepless nights, grade drama, occasional happiness of actually getting a job! Oh and the unrequited joy of walking out of your last final and then the parrrrtttttyyyyyy afterwards!

Not to be forward or overly excited about this but I’ve even thought of some of those ‘one liners’ for the Law Ladies like the Housewives say at the beginning of each episode… or we could call them our Opening Statements… (see what I did there?)

I better go check my email because I’m pretty sure Bravo is going to be contacting me soon to ask for the rights to my idea… and then to ask all five of us to be in the first show… 
Andy from Bravo… are you emailing me?