tote bags

There has been a plethora of canvas tote bags all over my Pinterest lately. Personally I don’t see the draw of having a canvas bag that costs more than my monthly budget. I mean think about it you are probably going to stuff it with a bunch of crap and tote it to the beach and it’s going to get sandy, wet and sun screeny. I saw a post on a blog I like (Capitol Hill Style) about how one of the trends she is sick of is a tote bag that cost more than $100. Hallelujah I wanted to giver her a standing ovation. So I decided I was going to make my own new summer tote for under $15.

The expensive ones:

Mine: (pattern from here) I busted mine out by the pool in Vegas last weekend! Oh and it works great as a second carry on bag when you buy too much and can’t fit it all in your suitcase

Maybe I will make another one now… can you ever have too many bags? NOPE.