bachelorette weekend

This past weekend I was in Dallas for my friend’s bachelorette party and let me tell you we. had. FUN! I had such a blast and I was so happy to be helping my friend celebrate and drink her way out of singlehood! I also might have helped her pick out something she is planning on wearing on her wedding day – don’t I feel special! 

Oh and one of the bachelorette games we played at the lingerie party was to give “dessert names” to each of the outfits she got… my present ended up being christened “Crotching Tiger, Hide your Dragon” hilarious!

I also got to see two of my good friends Ali and Rachel who picked me up and dropped me off at the airport! (Rachel might have taken me to my favorite restaurant… and when I say maybe I mean we had some Chuy’s)

I love Texas

so much

  • Lauren Uhlenhop

    And Texas loves you! And so do I!!!! Love this post. Can’t wait to see the one after the wedding :) THANK YOU FOR COMING TO HELP ME CELEBRATE! Meant the world to me!