court dress

I have seen a multitude of outfits standing (and sitting) in the court room over the past month. Some of my favorites (and I am being factious here) include:

1) the attorney who wore a long-cut-away-sleeved dress (with flip flops) that made her look like a multicolored butterfly every time she moved
2) the client who wore sweatpants on her head because she said her head was cold (she did have other pants on her bottom half)
3) the attorney in a garishly bright neon sun yellow (I swear it was radiating heat) tie with a matching pocket square

I will say I have the luxury of not having to wear a suit everyday to court so I am usually in business casual. For those considering the legal profession or really any government job there are a couple things you want to remember:

1) Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Now this isn’t to say I wear the judge’s robes around or anything but you get my drift. I only wear flats on my commute and then switch to heels before I walk into the office, I wear shirts that don’t work at the bars and I wear pants that don’t come from stores that cater to the “bar scene”

2) You can never be overdressed but you can always be under-dressed. The worst “fashion” snafu I have run into this summer was at one of my Law Clerk “Meet and Greets” when I walked in dressed in my business casual (nice black dress pants, heels and a nice lace top) and everyone else was dressed in a suit. Well needless to say I have worn a suit every other time. But don’t ever wear something that you could end up wearing “in da club” on Friday nights. Keep your shoulders covered (you can wear sleeveless but make sure you have a suit jacket or sweater to thrown on), keep your stomach covered (when in doubt wear a tank underneath) and keep your outfit looking presentable (aka no wrinkles, stains, tears etc).

3) Accessories can break you… big time. I keep my jewelry simple, and when I say simple I mean simple, I rarely wear dangling earrings or bulky necklaces. If you could see it being worn to an 80’s gathering then it’s out. an attorney can show up wearing a great/smart suit and then ruin it with horrible earrings/necklace or a tie (see garish yellow above).

Anyway here are some samples of outfits I have worn over the past month:

top Anthropologie, pants Anne Klein, necklace Francesca’s, watch Fossil, bracelet Forever 21, belt Target

top J Crew; pants Banana Republic; jewelry Tiffany’s, Francesca’s, David Yurman and Fossil; shoes: Old Navy

top Banana republic, tank Macy’s , pants Anne Klein, watch Fossil, bracelets Francesca’s, shoes & headband Target

dress Banana Republic, belt Nine West from Marshall’s , shoes Dillard’s, watch Fossil