DBC: books for July

Alright so I feel like my blog had been filled with books I’m reading and not other “fun” stuff. So here are the books I am reading for the month! Well at least the ones that I want to read but you know me… at the end of the month there could be more!

The Princess Bride: I love the movie and I usually like books more than movie remakes but this is like a book remake of the movie but it’s set in 1941… confusing but I hope it will be just as exciting! “As you wish.”

50 Shades of Grey Trilogy: yes I am jumping on the bandwagon but hey who cares!? There has to be something worthwhile in these books if I see people EVERYWHERE reading them!

The Historian: another book that has been sitting on my shelf forever. I bought it for the title (hello me) but now I’m really excited to crack it open… Europe, woman protagonist, Dracula… I’m in

Redeeming Love: so many people have been pushing this on me lately, plus its a historical christian romance… geez twist my arm

The Handmaid’s Tale: one of the books on the top 50 of all time = a must read

The Tea Rose: this is the first in a trilogy, I’ve read the second one and loved it so I feel like I should go back and start from the beginning properly!

India Black 1 & 2: England, and a Madam, and spies? I’m sold!

Happy Reading!