quidditch at the olympics!

Quidditch you might ask? Yes, the fantasy wizarding sport from the Harry Potter Series, better known in our world as Muggle Quidditch, is having an Olympic exhibition in Oxford while the Olympic torch passes tomorrow (starting in the early morning since Oxford is 6 hours ahead of me)!

Want to meet the Teams? Team USA, Team UK, Team Australia, Team France and Team Canada! There are two from Texas A&M on Team US (WHOOP!) and I know/have played with them both! Good Luck Team USA! I will be following @Quidditch2012 all day for updates and I will be trying to find clips on TV because apparently some news channels are covering it!

Here are some lovely snaps from my Quidditch days…

Quidditch World Cup 2009 (I’m on the top row 4th from right with the backpack straps)

Reppin Zeta at Practice (I was on Ravenclaw at A&M practices so I wore blue every practice)

Going in for the kill

Aggie Yells at the Quidditch World Cup

Back when I played Chaser (I since moved on to the better position for me as a Beater… throwing dodge balls at people? Good anger management no?)

The field was quite wet

Goofing off at the World Cup
Good Luck Team USA! 

UPDATE: Team USA has won GOLD in Oxford! Good Start to the Games!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05074043606030824588 la petite fashionista

    you’ve played in the quidditch world cup?! you officially my favorite person ever!

    hope you’ve seen my new blog post with pictures from the harry potter party my roomie & i hosted this weekend!


  • Isabelle Longley

    haha i googled texas A&M quidditch to my friends to prove it was true and found me! Nice collection Kathrine. I don’t know that you would remember me since we only played together that one semester, but great to see your pics!

    • Katherine Nolden

      OMG Isabelle of course I remember you!!! Its so great you found me!