run in color

I ran the Color Run this morning! What. A. BLAST! My friend Tom and I started out all bright and white and shiney and by the end we were one beautiful mess of COLOR! It was great! There were 20 THOUSAND people there! Talk about a good time!

The race officials throw color at your ever kilometer during the run, literaly THROW IT AT YOU and then after you cross the finish line and get some water, in plastic tubs Winston would have loved to play in, your wave all congregates in the middle of the stadium and they count down and you throw your own personal packet of color in the air! It creates this cloud of color and you are COVERED in it!

It really was the “happiest 5k on the planet” and I’m still covered in color as I’m writing this, about to go shower it off, but it was so much fun! I am still smiling from it!

at the start of the race

running through the yellow color station

the blue color station/ bomb area
party in the stadium

Tom got a little impatient with his color

ready to throw it?


See what I mean? I can’t wait for next year!