rush: good first (unseen) impression

I hope everyone enjoyed and perhaps learned some new things from the last post Rush 101! Keep your questions coming I will respond to any and all! Today we have a post about how to make a good first impression sight unseen! This is a guest post from a lovely Alabama Rush Exec who due to Rush has to remain nameless!

Hi Everyone!

Big thanks to HRH for letting me give you some tips about first impressions for Rush!

1. In your packet (mailing envelope-do not fold) that you send to the CHAPTER HOUSES (not the school- they usually don’t tell you to do this on the greek life website but do it anyway) you should have:

1) A copy of your resume (printed on the sorority’s color card stock)
2) An smaller envelope that has your photos in it
3) Your Rec Letters in the envelopes (sorority color) from the alumna
4) Copy of your transcript (can be unofficial)

An example of a “sorority” resume:

Make sure your resume is only 1 page. They won’t read anything over 1 page. Don’t lie because sorority girls can facebook stalk like no other and trust me they will know someone at your high school who can tell them EVERYTHING about you. You want a good mix of scholarship and popularity. You want them to know they are going to get a girl who is going to bring up their chapter GPA, make their chapter look good on campus and get their chapter name out in the community in a good way.

2. Your pictures shouldn’t really have anything too weird (or any kinda of weird) in them. You might not know it but if you turned in a picture with you in a hat you will be known as “the girl with the hat” or “hat girl”. Sororities will come up with chants to remember your name and you want yours to be something good not something bad (like Stacy Snow with the Camel Toe or something ungodly like that) You also do NOT want to throw a sorority hand sign. If you want to be a tri-delt don’t have a picture of you with your hands making the delta, some goes for zeta – no crowns, delta gamma – no gammas etc.

Some ideas for photos: (all the photos were stolen from Pinterest)

Everything that leaves your hands and goes to the chapter house is going to be scrutinized. So make sure everything looks great! Handwriting on the packet you send… everything! When in doubt chapter color or monogram.

3. Facebook: take down every picture that you would not want to show your Grandmother! Turn your profile to private. If those “professional facebook stalkers” cannot find your profile they cannot make any inferences about you! Even then there will be someone in that sorority who will be able to see your profile through one of their friends who is also one of your facebook friends! Trust me! Take everything even potentially ‘iffy’ off your profile.

Thanks for being a great audience! If you have any questions for me email HRH the duchess and she will forward on the message!


(fake resume compliments of HRH and post compliments of an Alabama Rush Exec)