things to get you through the week

Let’s be honest here… I’m going to just let you know how I feel… no filter… well almost no filter… Wednesdays are a tease. The kind of tease that no matter what you do or how hard you try you can’t get past them until they make the decision to let you. It’s the middle of the week, so it’s like the week is half over yay! oh but there is still half the week to go boo! See what I mean?

To fight the middle of the week blues I am going to let you in on some things that are keeping that smile on my face this middle-of-the-week-tease-day!

 1. Watching Downton Abbey seasons… let’s face it (see continuing the honesty from above) I am in some kind of desperate need of Downton Abbey and the fact that Season 3 won’t be available in the US until December is just another reason in the ever growing pile that tells me to move to London straight away. Perhaps a Downton Abbey party needs to be thrown…

2. The Orange Tiger Lillies currently sitting in the middle of my kitchen island (as opposed to the island in my bathroom or the island in the Bahamas that I own… just in case you were confused) 

3. Thinking of what could be in the Nancy Drew Handbook I just added to my Birthday list… Nancy was my idol as a kid and considering how much I want to own every single Nancy Drew book (and reread them) she quite possibly still might be… well after fellow Duchess, Catherine Wales nee Middleton

4. Mia Thermopolis’ blog… yes Princess Mia (I’m assuming using Meg Cabot as a ghost writer) has a blog… and I can’t stop reading it. She hasn’t posted since last year but I am hoping she keeps it up (perhaps she’s really busy ruling Genovia or something)
5. This TWELVE LAYER cake that is going to be coming out of my oven soon (actually probably in Texas so mom can have some and she can buy the ingredients…) It look so amazingly delicious I bet we won’t be able to eat more than one piece! I used to be able to pawn extra baked goods off on the neighbors but I can’t really do that now so who is going to eat the rest? 
What is keeping the smile on your face this week? Want to steal any of mine? 

  • Brittany

    Ummmmm…OF COURSE a Downtown Party needs to be thrown. This needs to happen ASAP. And….I really really really hope I get to see your beautiful self on or around your birthday. You can always bring me back your extra cake. I would never object to such a thing.