goodbye Minnesota

Goodbye Minnesota! I have learned so much from my one year in this beautiful state. I have learned that you meet people who will stay with you forever. I have learned that sometimes God puts things in your path that you struggle with. I have learned that you have to let people go. I have learned that family is what’s important. I have learned that I love my mom so much more than I ever thought I did (and that’s a lot). I have learned that it’s okay to be so excited for what is to come yet a little sad about what you’re leaving behind. I have learned that snow isn’t scary. I have learned that there is happiness in every moment you just have to look for it. I have learned that it is perfectly fine to be consumed with sorrow for a little while. I have learned that people will help you if you ask. I have learned that neighbors like muffins. I have learned that Texas truly never leaves your heart.

Some things I’m going to miss…

taking winston out at 7AM in below zero weather (I’m serious!)


the farmers market

going to the State Fair with Brittany

seeing how much Ryan loves Poppy

grandma and her penchant for leopard 
these crazy fools who I love so much
Kenna and I doing girly things

dinners with Kristen 

legitimate reasons for a hot drink in your hand

the colors of the leaves
no weird looks when you wear hats like this

lunches with Mikey

and his antics…

law school moms who bring you dinner when you’re sick

beautiful ice and snow
people who made the last week one of the best

taking walks with Winston around the lakes

potlucks with my UST fam

the ability to wear a scarf everyday because it’s cold enough

Thank you Minnesota for a wonderful year. I will never forget it, I will never forget the people who made this year so special and I will never forget the moments, trials, successes and feelings that made this year a learning experience for me.