Rush: Top 10 Tips

Alright ladies it is getting to be time for Rush to start! Here are the top ten tips from more than 20 schools across the nation!
1) Ask Questions when you have them! – ask your greek leaders who lead you around, campuses have different names for them, but they are there to help you! They cannot speak to their sisters inside their respective houses so do not feel weird about that! 
2) Trust the System/ Follow the Rules – the system is in place because it works! Follow the rules and everyone will turn out the way it is supposed to! Millions of girls go through this each year trust it.
3) Smile! – think of something nice or funny right before you walk into a house! The girls who greet you can spot a fake smile a mile away so make it genuine! They are tired, you are tired but you still want to give them your best smile! It makes people feel warmer towards you instantly. 
4) Be yourself/ Be honest – this kind of goes along with #2 but you do not want to get a house by being fake! Go through this process as honest and true to yourself as you can and you are going to get the best fit for YOU!
5) Make friends – go through this process and make friends with everyone! Keep in touch with the people in your group, people you meet at meetings, on buses whatever and wherever! It does not matter if you end up in different houses, this is the time to met people you might never have run into!
6) Go to/do everything! – is there a social? a party? a meeting? a random hallway get together? GO!  It not only gives you more opportunities to make friends (eh #5!) but also to get to know the campus, the social scene and people in and out of greek life!
7) Talk to someone when you get stressed – rush is a crazy crazy CRAZY time and feelings get hurt, you could need to bounce ideas off someone so call your mom, your big sister whoever! Talking through the things you need to get off your chest makes the process easier!
8) Have a “go to” conversation starter – just in case it ever quiet or awkward you want to have something to throw out! We talked about this in the party post but think of something before you go and then have fun with it! Like I said mine is the Olympics and Michael Phelps… although now I suppose you could also use Ryan Lochte or Nathan Adrian or just swimmer’s abs…. see you’re interested!
9) Do not take it personally – you are going to get cut from houses, it’s inevitable, and for some it is going to be the house you had your heart set on. This does not mean that the girls in the house hate you it just means that they do not think you would be a good fit for the sorority. That is okay! You will probably become friends with people in that house and you will think at some point “Thank goodness I didn’t pledge them!”
10) Listen to your instincts – you are going to get a “feel” for each house and if you do not think you can spend a majority of your time in college in that house with those girls then that particular house isn’t for you. It’s kind of like dating if there isn’t any chemistry then move on. 
Good Luck! Make sure to check out all the other Rush posts!