the Duchess’ Book Club

TA-DA! Drum roll please! After reading 24 books in the past 4 months I am ready to slow things down a tiny bit and add some more people to the fun! I am officially starting the Duchess’ Book Club! I have started a club through Book Movement! You can go and sign up (it’s free) and join the DBC through the site or if you cannot find it you can comment or email me with your info and I can add you!

The first book on our list is going to be….

State of Wonder, by Anne Patchett
I have heard so many good things about this book! So here is the schedule! There are 11 Chapters in this lovely book so we are going to take approx 11 weeks to finish this! I hope that will be slow enough for some and fast enough for others. So our date of completion is November 1st! So you have ALL of September and October to delve in the mind of Ann Patchett!
Warning: apparently the beginning is a tad slow but then you get hooked! SO keep at it clubbers! At the end we will have a discussion (in some format… it will good I promise) but every couple weeks or so there is a ‘fun’ post scheduled to keep you reading! 
Here is the DBC Schedule: 

Are you excited? Are you signing up for Book Movement right now? What are you thinking?

***UPDATE: on Book Movement once you make your account comment below and leave the email address you signed up with and I can add you!***