welcome home

So after about a month in Dallas I feel like everything is in its place! I turned some of my pinterest inspirations into reality and then added a little katherine flair to other things! Most of the furniture was already mine (I did need a new couch, chairs for the “dining table” which is actually a nightstand, and the bookshelves in my closet) and then I switched other things up! Here’s a little peek into my home.

bookcase in my room

le closet… I really need to get creative

my jewels

my inspiration board and small necklaces

my organized laundry room/area

all my lovely bday cards and my kitchen

the books on my coffee table

my picture of the Mall in London that I took myself and the black thing is a facinator from London

someone’s happy to be home on the new couch


I’ve been putting the last touches on my apartment these past couple of weeks. Visiting different stores, painting, organizing, changing things etc! It is basically done! Wahoo! I will be putting some pictures up tomorrow of the (mostly) finished product! But I wanted to share one of my absolute favorite parts of my apartment!

My monogram above my bed!
I asked for this Southern Proper Monogram for my birthday and I was so excited when it came in the mail last week! I had to run and get some spray paint since it comes unfinished (which I love because you could paint it ANY color!) and some ribbon. Here is the progression of the monogram:
fresh out of the box!

getting ready to paint

spray painted

And the finished product…

Now I want to monogram EVERYTHING a la Reese

Balloon Festival

This weekend me and a couple friends went out to the Plano Balloon Festival. There were so many people there we were fighting crowds the whole time! But it was a great experience! We saw so many interesting vendors and sights! We got to see the balloons lift off and then later in the evening they came back and all lit up together! What an amazing sight! We threw some baseballs at the dunk tank to dunk a Plano police officer, their tag line was “Dunk him, I bet he gave you a ticket sometime!” Jessica got some roasted corn and we looked at the hillbilly kettle corn.

What a great time!