Five things getting me through this week

1. HP Trivia at the House of Blues tonight… I don’t want to say that my team is going to do good or win or anything but…

2. The Cold front that is currently moving through Dallas! No more over 100 days thank you Jesus! It was 85 and breezy this weekend… amazing

3. Pure Barre classes. I took a Pure Barre class yesterday and I loved it! Well true to Katherine form I signed up for a class I have a feeling my booty is going to be hurting.

4. The fresh mani/pedi I gave myself last night. I have an interview today so I couldn’t do red on my nails so I put it on my toes!

5. The 38 JAG episodes I have on my DVR. Yes you read that correctly, 38! There was a marathon over the weekend and I might have recorded all the episodes. David Elliot is a fox!

What is getting you through your week?