Harry Potter Trivia

Well maybe I’m not the all knowing Harry Potter trivia nerd that I thought I was… we got 10th… out of 42! So that is pretty good! There 8 rounds, and questions encompassed everything from Pottermore information, Arithmancy (math with Harry Potter), Dark Arts, and Audio/Visual questions. This place was PACKED! They were expecting about 10 teams and then 42 showed up… it took FOREVER! Seriously, four hours for 8 rounds is a little excessive. Anyway, it was a bunch of fun and it was hilarious to hear all the team names! We were the Team Who Must Not Be Named; some of the other favorite teams were: Your Mom’s A Horcrux, Twin Snitches, and #swagrid.

 the Team Who Must Not Be Named

the visual round: name the obscure characters from the movies…
(clockwise from top L: Nigel, Ernie McMillan, John Dawlish, Augusta Longbottom, Mrs. Figg, Blaize Zambini, Mafalda, Hannah Abbott)
Like the kid cups? I felt it was sort of appropriate since there was a wizard on it!