State of Wonder first thoughts

So if you are a part of the Book Club then you have just gotten through the second chapter of State of Wonder. I was a little surprised that it starts off in Minnesota, basically Minneapolis! Eden Prairie is a suburb of the Twin Cities and I sat there for a second and thought I know this place! Anyway, are you liking it so far? Personally when I put it down after the second chapter I was a little… depressed! I mean it started off with a death, she’s got nightmares, a baby went blind, and some love-ish relationship. I sat there and thought what kind of book have I chosen?! But I’m going to persevere! Mainly because I want to see what is going on in Brazil! At this point I think I have more questions than anything:

1) Is Anders really dead? I think he is so maybe the better question is HOW did he die?

2) Is Marina going to get malaria now? I mean how STUPID can you be to throw those pills away! She went through all the trouble of picking the ones that give her nightmares over those that wouldn’t make her wake up screaming so she would be fully protected against malaria!

3) Is Mr. Fox going to propose if Marina gets back?

4) What is Dr. Swenson really doing deep in the jungle?

Make sure to keep on track with the reading!

Let me know what you’re thinking about the book! Do you have any questions other than mine? Was there a part that you particularly liked/disliked?

Onward to the jungle!