welcome home

So after about a month in Dallas I feel like everything is in its place! I turned some of my pinterest inspirations into reality and then added a little katherine flair to other things! Most of the furniture was already mine (I did need a new couch, chairs for the “dining table” which is actually a nightstand, and the bookshelves in my closet) and then I switched other things up! Here’s a little peek into my home.

bookcase in my room

le closet… I really need to get creative

my jewels

my inspiration board and small necklaces

my organized laundry room/area

all my lovely bday cards and my kitchen

the books on my coffee table

my picture of the Mall in London that I took myself and the black thing is a facinator from London

someone’s happy to be home on the new couch
  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07386346097065175557 For Chic Sake

    Love all of your jewels Katherine!!!!