DBC: almost done

Alright DBCers I am almost done and let me tell you it is so GOOD! I am completely sucked into this book now! The parts I really want to discuss with someone:

1) the Anaconda part (I hate snakes and reading this part made me SHUDDER)
2) the tree/fertility/malaria whole thing… I mean it’s like God touched down in this ONE place on earth and was like Lakashi tribe I like you here’s a little extra help’
3) Dr. Swenson is PREGNANT!? WHAT!?!?!

Questions I have still:

1) Why didn’t Marina ask to see Anders’ grave site yet? Helllllo have you forgotten about him?
2) Why hasn’t Mr Fox jumped down on a plane or something? Geez step up and be a good boyfriend and a good boss!
3) Do you think Marina is going to go back to Minnesota?
4) I know that throughout this book I have pretty much been in a ‘state of wonder’ and I think so has Marina. Do you think that is why the book was titled that, or maybe because of the tree place?
5) What goes on at this mushroom Lakashi tribe ritual? I am thinking crazy things…

What are the questions nagging at your mind?

Be on the lookout for a “discussion” and the next book the DBC is going to be reading!

If you have any questions for the discussion drop them off in the comment form below!

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